Ep. 517: Marin Katusa: Why There’s More Pain Ahead for Junior Miners

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Welcome to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged.

Marin is back!

For those unfamiliar, Marin Katusa, the founder of Katusa Research, is probably the most connected guy in the resource industry.

As always, he comes on the show to give listeners his insight and full updates in the gold, uranium, and energy industries.

Coming from a guy who is usually bullish when it comes to junior miners… Today, Marin is taking a completely different stance.

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Ep. 515: Amir Adnani & Steve Koomar: A Classic Contrarian Opportunity

Ep. 515 | Wall Street Unplugged

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged!

Today I’m joined by both Amir Adnani – CEO of Uranium Energy Corp (UEC) & Chairman of GoldMining Inc. (GOLD.V). And also, Steve Koomar – former derivative trader at Goldman Sachs and editor of the Vigilante Investor newsletter.

That’s right, instead of having only one guest join me, today I’ll be picking the minds of two.

And starting with Amir, as he puts it, “It’s time for our quarterly update.”

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Ep. 514: Frankly Speaking: A Closer Look at IBM and NAK

The questions are pouring in on IBM and Northern Dynasty (NAK)…

I’ve been bullish on each of these stocks in recent months. And after this week’s news, my case has grown even stronger.

On today’s show we start with International Business Machines (IBM).

Warren Buffett just announced he sold off one-third of his position in the company, stating he “underestimated how much competition is in the space.” And later on said that he has revalued the stock “somewhat downward.”

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