Marin Katusa: ‘How I Make Money Buying Junior Mining Stocks’


Marin Katusa has been financing and analyzing junior-resource stocks for more than 20 years. And I just finished interviewing him.

He’s spent the last two decades building relationships with some of the richest and most-influential resource investors. I’m talking about experts like Rick Rule, Doug Casey, Lukas Lundin, Robert Quartermain and Ross Beaty.

Granted, having some of the best investment contacts on speed-dial is a huge plus for Marin. But this former math professor is so much more than his contacts.

He uses his background to build mathematical and statistical models that find value in early-stage resource companies.

And over the past five years, Marin has become one of the best-performing portfolio managers in the industry.

In our interview, Marin told me that a big part of his success comes from following a particular set of rules.

Let me explain …

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Don’t Take Profits on This High-Flying Stock Just Yet


Kevin Plank could have taken a job at Prudential Life Insurance.

Instead, the walk-on football player from the University of Maryland chose to start an apparel company.

In 1995, he maxed out his credit cards to the tune of $40,000 and used his grandmother’s basement to build his first prototype.

Kevin created a revolutionary new T-shirt designed to keep athletes cool, dry and light – and it was a huge hit. In just 12 months, some of the top colleges and professional football teams lined up to buy his apparel called Under Armour (UA).

Under Armour generated $17,000 in sales in its first year of business. Today, the company is the most innovative athletic apparel maker in the world — generating more than $3 billion in annual sales.

Shares have been on a tear — rising more than 200% in the past two years. In fact, if you bought the stock on the first day of trading in 2005, you are sitting on gains of 1,146%!

Those are some monster gains. And I don’t blame investors who want to take profits after that kind of run.

But, Under Armour still has huge upside potential.  

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Ep. 294 – How To Find the Best Dividend Paying Stocks


Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged!

Today, my guest is Nilus Mattive, editor of the Income Superstars newsletter for Uncommon Wisdom.

Nilus has compiled one of the best track records in the dividend & income space over the past few years. He shares his secrets behind finding the best dividend-paying stocks and also recommends a few of his favorite ideas.

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