Ep. 4: The Mike Alkin Show – How to Construct a Balanced Portfolio

On this episode, I welcome Alex Oxenham, co-portfolio manager of the Hilton Tactical Income Fund.

Alex is one of the smartest investors I know. And today’s interview is chock-full of actionable advice…

First, Alex explains how he constructs a portfolio for both capital preservation and income generation.

Next, you’ll learn his daily routine… or which aspects of the markets Alex reviews each morning.

He also shares his macroeconomic outlook and how it will affect stock and bond prices. Find out why Alex doesn’t think we’re in a financial bubble… and why he isn’t worried about government debt.

And finally… Alex tells us his favorite sectors to invest in right now… and which ones he’s avoiding.

When Alex signs off, be sure to stick around for my educational segment [1:16]. We’ll discuss  Trump’s new import tariffs on steel and aluminum… how they could affect prices everywhere––from daily shopping to investments––and which sectors are likely to win and lose.

I’ve got lots of great information for you today, so let’s get started..

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