Why Dean Foods Dropped — And the Catalyst No One Saw Coming

Dean Foods

Michael Alkin is one of the smartest guys I know. In fact, he’s one of the smartest analysts on the planet.

It’s not that Mike has a magical sixth sense about what the markets will do (although I wouldn’t doubt it… he’s that good). It’s that after 20 years in the hedge fund industry, he has a deep knowledge of forensic accounting and a practiced, proven approach to investment analysis. And he’s incredibly diligent.

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The Top Tech Trends to Follow… And Ignore (For Now)

Top Tech Trends

Aside from the junior mining and biotechnology space, there’s one more batch of stocks I follow intently.

The disruptive technology sector.

Tech is the single largest segment of the market today – An industry that’s growth potential trumps all others, including financials, healthcare, and industrials combined.

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Why Target (TGT) is a Buy

Why Target (TGT) is a Buy

The company that I’m about to break down falls under one of my favorite investing strategies – buying hated stocks.

And, as the contrarian I am, this is an incredible investment opportunity right now… that know one else seems to mention.

I’m talking about Target (NYSE: TGT).

Today, Target is considered one of the most hated stocks on Wall Street. As e-commerce companies like Amazon continue to dominate the market, traditional brick and mortar retailers like Target are feeling the pressure…

However, the company is a perfect example of a stock that is currently undervalued and overlooked.

And as the stock price is sitting near 5-year lows, I expect a favorable rebound for investors.

But before we get into any fundamentals, let’s take a look at where this stock is today… and why almost everyone on the street is unimpressed.

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