Ep. 523: Andrew Horowitz: Bull Market Euphoria

Ep. 523 | Wall Street Unplugged

Longtime friend, Andrew Horowitz, and I were talking on the phone the other day…

Apart from catching up as close friends, we dove into some interesting talks about today’s economy.

I mean, how could we not?

Oil and financials are rolling over, wage growth & home-sales are weakening, auto sales are down, commercial real-estate… yikes.

And, on the other hand, you have only a select group of stocks (FANG) that’s really pushing this market… all while the “investor fear gauge” known as the VIX is sitting below 10.

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Ep. 521: Take Your Profits on This Tech Darling

Ep. 521 | Wall Street Unplugged-2

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged.

This week I’m again joined by the one and only market veteran – Richard Suttmeier.

Rich has been analyzing stocks for over 40 years, is a weekly contributor for Forbes and TheStreet.com, and is the founder and CEO of Global Market Consultants.

As my frequent listeners know, Rich is probably the biggest permabear I invite on the show.

Our opinions almost always contradict…

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