Ep. 481: Let Marin Katusa Double Your Money


Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged!

I just got back from the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show… and we have a lot of ground to cover. To start off today’s episode, I give listeners my take on the event.

This year’s experience was a bit different. In fact, there are more trends to avoid rather than trends to invest in. Tune in this week as I’ll be separating the truth from all the noise.

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Ep. 479: The Best Growth & Income Stock for 2017


Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged!

Today’s guest is Steve Koomar – former derivative trader at Goldman Sachs and editor of the Vigilante Investor newsletter.

He called it…

Last time Steve was on the show, he explained why fears of a U.S. economic collapse were completely overblown. In addition, he told listeners that the natural gas sector was a sure bet.

Here we are 5 months later… Natural gas has surged and the US stock market is sitting near all-time highs. Whenever Steve talks, I listen. And every time he gets on the show I learn something new.

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Ep. 477: How To Profit From Tomorrow’s Tech Trends


Happy Holidays and welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged!

You don’t have to be tech savvy to understand my next bet…

And with the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show just around the corner, I couldn’t have timed this podcast any better.

In fact, this is the rant I’ve been waiting for…

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